Key Highlights - Mastering Online Sales - Your Path to $300K Per Year Career

  • Introduction to IIEC® Global (IIEC)
  • The "Advance Certificate in Online Sales" Program
  • Program Terms and Conditions
  • The IIEC Advantage
  • Sales Training and Practical Experience
  • Job Offer and Course Fee Refund Assurance
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Closing and Enrollment

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What You Will Learn

In this Digital Marketing and Online Sales, you will be introduced to the 5 essentials of digital marketing. You will not only understand how to leverage the power of online platforms but also learn how to reach out to potential customers and gain amazing insights into the world of online marketing.
  • Lecture 1: Introduction to IIEC® Global (IIEC)
    Welcome and Overview
    About IIEC: A Leading E-Learning Institute
    Registration and Trademarks
    IIEC's Mission and Vision
    Supporting Indian Entrepreneurs
    Key Highlights of the "Advance Certificate in Online Sales" program
  • Lecture 2: The "Advance Certificate in Online Sales" Program
    Understanding the Program Structure
    Learning Objectives
    Job Guarantee and Salary Expectations
    Program Background and Benefits
    Hands-On Experience and Stipend Opportunities
    Flexible Learning and Remote Work Preparation
  • Lecture 3: Program Terms and Conditions
    Eligibility for Job Guarantee or Full Course Fee Refund
    Job Guarantee Details
    Job Offer Terms and Refund Process
    Application for Refund Process
    Exclusions and Additional Terms
  • Lecture 4: The IIEC Advantage
    Dedicated Support and Mentorship
    Industry and Student Success Mentors
    Preparing for Full-Time Remote Jobs
    Earning a Stipend During Internship
    Supporting Indian Entrepreneurs
    Achieving Milestones and Performer Criteria
  • Lecture 5: Sales Training and Practical Experience
    Overview of the Sales Training
    Sales Skills Development
    Achieving Monthly Sales Targets
    The Importance of Dedication and Effort
  • Lecture 6: Job Offer and Course Fee Refund Assurance
    Conditions for Job Offer
    IIEC Edtech's Commitment
    The Role of Dedication and Effort
    Course Completion and Refund Policy
    The 100% Job Guarantee
  • Lecture 7: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    How Many Certifications are Included?
    Who Should Enroll in the Program?
    Course Access and Updates
    Validity of the Certificate
    Certificate Delivery Process
    Recognition in the Digital Industry
    Course and Job Support Terms
    Mentorship and Contact Information
    Accessing Course Content
    Duration of Course Access
    Refund Policy and Job Guarantee
  • Lecture 8: Closing and Enrollment
    Summarizing Key Points
    Encouraging Enrollment
    Your Path to a 24 Lakh Per Year Career
    Q&A Session for Prospective Students

Who Should Enroll in the Online Sales Masterclass?


Begin your journey to success with fundamental sales skills, equipping yourself for a rewarding career.

Working Professionals

Elevate your career prospects by mastering online sales techniques, staying ahead in your industry.

Business Owners

Harness the power of online marketing, boosting your business's growth and profitability.

A Curious Soul

Discover the exciting world of Digital Marketing and gain insight into the strategies driving online sales.

Join us to supercharge your sales knowledge and explore the pathway to our comprehensive Online Sales Course.

Industry Recognized Certification from IIEC

  • By the end of this introductory digital marketing masterclass, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion which will serve as a testament to your knowledge gained during the masterclass
PGP Certificate - IIEC

Meet Your Instructor

Sumit Pareek, Chairman - IIEC® Global Partner - Amazon India, Ex-Alibaba Global Executive, Director - INTTCO (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Sumit Pareek is the Co-founder & Chairman of the Indian Institute of Ecommerce an E-Commerce business Incubator for Foreign startups and E-Commerce companies who want to access the Indian market or want to source products from India and sell globally via retail E-Commerce

He is a business mentor for e-commerce sellers to help them grow their sales in local and global e-commerce marketplaces through his instructor-led live business mentorship sessions.

Sumit has 15 years of rich experience in e-commerce industry has worked with over a hundred plus e-commerce sellers and has collectively generated $3 billion worth of revenue, Mr.Sumit’s experience in entrepreneurship and economic development has gained him numerous awards including ‘Young Entrepreneurship Award in 2013” by Rajasthan state government.


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